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Sat Oct 18 16:31:21 PDT 2008

On Sat, Oct 18, 2008 at 12:21 PM, Michael Hipp <Michael at> wrote:


> Okay, I'm feeling kinda dumb (not an unusual condition).
> My 'man traceroute' says nothing about using tcp and there's no -T option.
> Does my Ubuntu box have the Microsoft version or something?
> Could someone tutor me?
> NEVERMIND: Turns out you have to have 'tcptraceroute'. And 'man traceroute'
> won't help a bit learning that. What man doesn't know, google does. But it
> still doesn't have a -T option.

As with a number of utilities, there are several versions floating
around.  tcptraceroute does what the emaciated version of traceroute
won't.  And IIRC, the smaller version of traceroute also won't work
with ipv6.

Now, the way around a lot of this nonsense is to go to freenet6
(Ubuntu and Debian users can just apt-get install tspc), and try to
find services that run under ipv6.  Most of my servers (those not
running in a vserver) all respond to ipv6.  And as I've said before,
all my servers only respond to ssh on their ipv6 address.  Result: no
blocking of my sites by anyone, and no ssh attacks in weeks.  There
are definite advantages to moving to ipv6.

But you do need the tools:  ipv6 versions of ping and traceroute,
iproute, apache2, etc.


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