ISP question [ was traceroute , pls ]

Michael Hipp Michael at
Sat Oct 18 10:21:40 PDT 2008

Collins Richey wrote:
> On Sat, Oct 18, 2008 at 7:33 AM, David A. Bandel <david.bandel at> wrote:
>> Then change the port.  I can't believe they'd be blocking all udp
>> ports.  And if they are, you have the ability to traceroute via tcp
>> (and I'm sure they're not blocking port 80).
>> man traceroute
> Wow, that one's a keeper. A udp traceroute dies out after about 19
> hops, but a -T traceroute (root only) gets to the destination. Take
> that, Comcast.

Okay, I'm feeling kinda dumb (not an unusual condition).

My 'man traceroute' says nothing about using tcp and there's no -T option. Does 
my Ubuntu box have the Microsoft version or something?

Could someone tutor me?

NEVERMIND: Turns out you have to have 'tcptraceroute'. And 'man traceroute' 
won't help a bit learning that. What man doesn't know, google does. But it 
still doesn't have a -T option.


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