Programmable keypad

Michael Hipp Michael at
Tue Oct 7 06:24:03 PDT 2008

Robert Hemus wrote:
> On Sun, 2008-10-05 at 11:09 -0500, Michael Hipp wrote:
>> I'm looking for a keypad (like a numeric keypad) but that I can program to 
>> certain keystrokes rather than what's written on the keycaps. It probably 
>> needs to be USB.
>> Anyone make such a thing, or any way in Linux to intercept and translate 
>> certain keystrokes?
>> Thanks,
>> Michael
> I think ?? my Micro Innovations USB model #KB585BL has that ability. It
> has 22 hot keys & 6 of 'em are programable,

Thanks. But I'm looking for a keyPAD rather than a keyBOARD. I need something 
small to control a dedicated purpose workstation and a full keyboard is too big 
and just overkill.


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