CD Burning Why So Difficult?

C M Reinehr cmr
Mon Mar 12 07:08:11 PDT 2007

On Saturday 10 March 2007 15:42, Collins Richey wrote:
> On 3/10/07, Leon Goldstein <metapsych at> wrote:
> > I  think I mentioned Nero Linux here before.  I use it with an older
> > distro (Libranet 2.8.1) whose KDE K3B does not support DVD burning.
> >
> > It works fine with my Plextor DVD burners, and I consider the circa $30
> > I paid for the license a fair deal.
> Good to know. I have no problem using paid software if it fills a gap.
> BTW, in my experience, K3B still does not support DVD burning. I have
> made several coasters with K3B (CDs as well as DVDs. One difference I
> have noted for CDs : K3B uses DAO with burnfree enabled instead of the
> default TAO with burnfree off I get by invoking cdrecord. Also, the
> few DVDs I've burned with growisofs came out OK.
> I'm hoping now that the fork has occurred, the developers who have
> taken over cdrecord will have less ego and more dedication to making
> things work.

K3B is just a gui, front-end for cdrecord, growisofs and a number of other 
multimedia programs. If you're having problems writing dvd's, either k3b or 
the other software is not set up properly, or you have hardware problems.


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