CD Burning Why So Difficult?

James McDonald james
Fri Mar 9 03:23:19 PST 2007

> >>   
> > RTFM I did... in the form of man cdrecord and I don't see options to run 
> > scanbus over an ata bus
> > 
> > I wonder if this is one of those one where the totally incomprehensible 
> > info may work better?
> [ Off Topic ]
> wow ! I forgot a second that I was on linux-users mailing list and was
> asking myself " do really someone dare have that kind of speech on
> Ubuntu mailing list ? " (I was meaning the *RTFM* stuff ) so I realized
> it wasn't ubuntu mailing :p .
They must real polite over at the Ubuntu mailing list. I suppose they
need to be because Ubuntu is like a giant Ex Windows User Drag net... :)

Not RTFM'ing has become the Geek Equivalent of a rite of passage only
our foreskin isn't in danger.

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