Why should we teach students Linux??

David Bandel david.bandel
Wed Mar 7 03:09:31 PST 2007

On 3/7/07, Roger Oberholtzer <roger at opq.se> wrote:


> They should teach MS, Linux, MAC OS, BSD, HP-UX, etc. But, of course, MS
> does a smash up job of getting their stuff into the schools for just
> about free. IBM does have a series of academic programs that involve
> Linux. I get a periodic newsletter telling what they are up to. So,
> there is at least some assistance available to educators.

Roger, would like to get some of this info -- the school my wife owns
is using Linux (installed by me).  The kids love it -- I've heard
comments that it's better than M$ (by the kids to their parents).

Anyway, would like to get info on education.  Books today come with M$
CDs for teaching Word. Excel, etc.  Obviously not usable.

OTOH, unlike other schools that have constant problems with virus,
etc., the only downtime in our comp lab is when the kids bust the
equipment (keyboards, mice, etc.).


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