Why should we teach students Linux??

Roger Oberholtzer roger
Tue Mar 6 23:30:25 PST 2007

On Tue, 2007-03-06 at 09:14 -0800, Bill Campbell wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 05, 2007, Roel Bindels wrote:
> >Hello listers,
> >
> >I'm tutor on the Faculty ICT, department NID. This is a bachelor degree
> >and we are preparing our students to become something more then just
> >System Administrators (such as manager, consulting, etc....). Since this
> >department is part of the Microsoft camp, the students are educated
> >mostly in this direction, which I think is not a bad thing. A better
> >thing would be if we could give our students the opportunity to meat
> >both the systems on the same level, at least, that is my opinion.
> >
> >To change a curriculum of a study, I need a solid case. So if somebody
> >knows a link/document about why we should educate our students in the
> >Linux OS, please send it. Or article about the usage of Linux in company's.
> >
> Don't so-called educational institutions always push diversity?

I thought the question was like asking why, in a cooking school, should
anyone teach how to cook anything other than Big Macs. Or in literature
class, why study more than the National Enquirer? And the language
department should only teach the local language. None of that foreign

They should teach MS, Linux, MAC OS, BSD, HP-UX, etc. But, of course, MS
does a smash up job of getting their stuff into the schools for just
about free. IBM does have a series of academic programs that involve
Linux. I get a periodic newsletter telling what they are up to. So,
there is at least some assistance available to educators.

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