OH NO .... I have to use Vista at work

Tony Alfrey tonyalfrey
Sat Mar 3 16:45:42 PST 2007

Michael Fakaro wrote:
> I have been using linux on my desktop and Laptop for years, now using
> Suse 10.2.
> That is until we got new HP 17" Laptops for work ... nice enough but
> they all run Vista ... ouch
> We are not aloud to touch them until the warranties expire in a year

How are they gonna know if you partition the drive, put linux on the 
other half and put in lilo or grub with Vista as the default partition?

There is still a computer floating around at a place where I worked some 
7 years ago with linux on half of the hard drive.  I think they wonder 
why the size of the drive seems to be half of what it is supposed to be.

The issue of talking to their network through the linux half may be an 
issue, but I suppose you can do all of the network stuff from the Vista 

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