My Biggest Disappointment with DSL

Leon Goldstein metapsych at
Wed Mar 2 17:18:57 PST 2016

Having had ADSL working now for a bit over a week, I'm finally able to 
run system updates and install packages the Linux way.  Boy, have I been 
missing out all these years while waiting for DSL service in my area.


Now my #$%@ telephone rings every couple of minutes, with robocalls.  In 
addition to the usual sales pitches (nobody pays attention to the 
so-called "do not call" list) there is now an endless stream of 
political pitches and push polls.  Dial up was slow, but at least it 
blocked my telephone line while I was on line.  Ah, nostalgia.

Leon A. Goldstein
HP Pavilion DV8000
SuSE 13.1 Linux

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