Happy Holidays

CHONG Yu Meng chongym at cymulacrum.net
Fri Dec 30 20:26:33 PST 2011

and a Happy New Year to all, too!

pascal chong

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On Thu, Dec 29, 2011, Michael Hipp wrote:
>On 2011-12-29 3:25 PM, John Voigt wrote:
>> I don't know how many of you are remaining on the list, but have a happy
>> holiday season.
>Did the list ever get moved?

Yup.  It's here at Celestial.

I'm in the process of moving it to another machine as the 2U
SuperMicro box it's in now is getting tired.  I bought this box
about 4 years ago used on eBay so it doesn't owe me much.  The
mailing list is running in a VMware VM on this box along with a
couple of other VMs.

I have a new SuperMicro mini-tower set up with CentOS 5.7.  I
have the VMs copied to this box so in theory it should be able to
shut down each VM, rsync it's directory to the new box to bring
everything current, and start it on the new one in a few minutes.

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