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Sat Jun 5 12:02:24 PDT 2010

On Sat, Jun 05, 2010, Ben Duncan wrote:
>Yeah, Dunno WHAT I am going to do. The client is not satisfied with VUESCAN or the
>manufactures Software for that Matter.
>QUOTE " To many steps top get a simple picture scanned in".
>I dunno, sometimes you can't fix stupid ...

True enough, but VueScan can be as simple as one click after doing a
preview to select the scan region and setting the output type.  You can
configure it to do OCR which creates a text file as well as the scanned
image although I have found the OCR to be less than optimal.

We were using Vividata's scanning and OCR software 11 years ago when we
were doing commerical document scanning and retrieval with a Perl::Tk front
end for the user, but (a) it was expensive, and (b) doing business with
Vividata Vividata was less than easy.

>Am looking at simple scan and / or a command line to do it all, but the
>scanner would have to be 100% SANE compatable to do that and as of now,
>sane's database is not up to date nor can I figure out what NEW scanners
>are now directly compatable.

My experience with HP has been that they are extremely bad about releasing
drivers for older scanners.  I got a ScanJet 5590 last April from Frys, but
HP didn't have drivers for OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard until January 2010 even
though their web site said they would be available in October 2009.

BTW:  I really like the ScanJet 5590's automatic document feeder which does
duplex making it really easy to scan two-sided documents into multi-page
PDF files.  It does jam occassionally, and isn't easy to clear jams, but by
and large I have been happy with it.

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