<OT> what is a port?

vu pham vu at sivell.com
Fri Oct 17 13:28:52 PDT 2008

Tony Alfrey wrote:

> That's true, except that I *am* paying the bill and I don't have any 
> choice in the matter (since there is only one cable provider up here).  ;-)
> Thanks for the explanation.

Same problem here but not that bad. My home isp does not block me, but 
they often had the outage and the explanation is people are building 
houses in the area and they cut the cables. Fortunately it looks like 
there is no more land in my area for new houses, so the last 6 months or 
so, it is pretty ok.

I always feel blushed when talking about my isp. One day I lost the 
connection. I did all the tests they asked me : power off, on, check the 
cables ... When the technician came, he found out that I checked the 
wrong cable. I had a TV box next to there and I check that cable, not 
the modem one. And that modem cable almost dropped out. A mistake that I 
often think that only end-users, not *me*, can have. The technician 
looked at me the way that I understood he thought "oh man, just another 
idiot". I AM !


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