Fedora follies

Ken Moffat kmoffat at drizzle.com
Sun Oct 5 08:52:20 PDT 2008

On Sun, 2008-10-05 at 07:41 -0500, David A. Bandel wrote:

> Now, anyone got pointers on how to do a network install of Fedora over
> the Internet (i.e., a network install without having to download the
> entire Fedora DVD?).  Kinda defeats the purpose of a network install.

That's what I just did, There is a netinstall iso. I used
Fedora-9-i386-netinst.iso, which is 114 megs. That's the one I mentioned
that didn't automatically have the repository included; I had to
manually enter it. (although that's my first attempt at FC. could be
driver error.) I could maybe find the url, but google should be quicker.


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