X11 incoming connections

Vu Pham vu at sivell.com
Fri Oct 3 07:08:22 PDT 2008

James McDonald wrote:
> vu pham wrote:
>> In FC9, how do I configure gnome to accept X11 incoming connections ( 
>> which come from remote hosts that use "DISPLAY=;export DISPLAY" ? I 
>> thought it was gdmsetup, but I cannot find it ?
> http://live.gnome.org/GDM/2.22/Configuration
> I think it's missing at the moment I think your going to have to use 
> /etc/gdm/custom.conf to create your own setup manually.
> Please correct me if I'm wrong list.

Thanks, James. I tried DisallowTCP=false in /etc/gdm/custom.conf but it 
does not help. ps -ef alsways shows Xorg is called with the parameter 
-nolisten tcp.

Then I found this thread 
saying that DisallowTCP is not supported at this moment ( 04/2008 ).

I still can use ssh -X, anyway.


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