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> On Fri, May 9, 2008 at 10:54 AM,  <ronnieg at instaguide.com> wrote:
>>> Tony Alfrey wrote:
>>> The weather is not bad at all. I prefer cold than hot. Today it is 90 oF
>>> or more in Houston. I hope I will not be broken when going from 60 oF to
>>> 90
>>> oF :)
>> I woke up this morning and my green truck was white. As I look out the
>> window
>> it's snowing right now. I hope it keeps up. I'm heading into Yellowstone
>> this weekend
>> to go hot-potting. Nothing like lounging in a 90 deg. creek as snow falls
>> down.
>> Ah, springtime in the Rockies.
> You win, Ronnie. I think four duplicates is a new record.

Sorry, damned lookout express just puked them out, so I guess its my fault
for using junk. Problem is I just moved into town from staying all winter in
Big Sky to ski and have to swipe bandwidth off of an open wireless router
until Quest can get up the manpower to flip the massive switch it must take
twenty men to flip. Nine days to flip a measly little switch. The real
problem is that broadcomm is so anal that Linux cant play with their
wireless chips. Oh well, its still springtime in the Rockies!


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