Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy to 7.04 Fiesty

Collins Richey crichey
Wed Mar 28 19:04:46 PDT 2007

On 3/28/07, James McDonald <james at jamesmcdonald.id.au> wrote:
> Last night I began an edgy to fiesty upgrade using `sudo update-manager
> -c -d' as far as upgrades go it's a gui based no-brainy.
> However it failed first go because it said I didn't have enough space in
> /boot. After deleting all the kernels that didn't match `uname -r ' and
> cleaning up / to give myself some breathing space, it was all go.
> Then I came in to see how it went this morning and the download hadn't
> completed. Sometimes things aren't as easy as you think they will be. A
> core switch in my ISP's (Exetels) internet link providers(Telstra)
> network had failed at 4:06 am this morning and it's only just come back
> up ~9:30am.
> So now I'm sitting here watching a progress bar...
> Using Ubuntu makes me feel like a populist. It seems everywhere on the
> net there are howto's on using Ubuntu.

I wish you luck with the upgrade. Some people have great success; for
others it fails miserably. I've been running the 7.04 development
environment for months now with relatively few problems. Finally I got
tired of some dependency hangups I couldn't resolve (this always
happens with development), so I reinstalled this weekend. Now I've got
a compete list of the things I need to do a replacement at any point.
Al my critical files are in a common disk area, so it's pretty easy to
complete a replacement.

I'm not populist, just somewhat lazy, and Ubuntu (always the Kubuntu
and Xubuntu variety) always works for me. I have a relatively new
nVidia-based desktop and an old Thinkpad R51, and Ubuntu 7.04 works
like a charm on both systems.

Best of luck,

Collins Richey
     If you fill your heart with regrets of yesterday and the worries
     of tomorrow, you have no today to be thankful for.

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