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Ric Moore wayward4now
Thu Mar 29 00:40:32 PDT 2007

On Thu, 2007-03-29 at 07:05 +0200, Ouattara Oumar Aziz wrote:
> David Bandel a ?crit :
> > On 3/27/07, Ouattara Oumar Aziz <wattazoum at gmail.com> wrote:
> >> Dear all,
> >>
> >> I am trying to define what should be a Media Center that will make good
> >> use of the open source community resources and possibilities. I would
> >> like you to help me in that job ( in telling me what you think about it,
> >> and defining specs together ).
> > 
> > I thnk VLC is headed in the direction you're looking.  Have you had a
> > look at it?
> More that VLC , I have found a project that exactly match what I was
> thinking a Media Center should be.
> Have a look on Linux MCE ( http://linuxmce.com ) which is based on the
> code source of Pluto ( http://plutohome.com/ ).
> I will complete my article and maybe join that LinuxMCE project.

I've been beating on Croquet like forever. It has all the potentials to
be the best VR environment ever, sorta like a free SecondLife. The linux
end of this open-source project leaves something to be desired, as most
of the Devel is under Windows. Of course with shit all over the place,
code-wise, hardware drivers wise, etc. I gotta admit that is it a tough
moving target for any project, I just wish we could get more linux
people involved with this. Anyone interested just email me off-list and
I'll tell you just how to get it to work at all. Ric

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