GCC - Vista Memory Cripple

Roger Oberholtzer roger
Wed Mar 28 23:24:51 PDT 2007

On Thu, 2007-03-29 at 13:31 +1000, James McDonald wrote:
> http://www.trnicely.net/misc/vista.html

The title is a bit of sensationalism. Who copyrights info like this? It
is not a clear description of the problem. gcc must interface with
Windows at some point to get memory. Perhaps it uses a depreciated API
that now exhibits this behavior. Windows is full of APIs. You have to
choose the right one.  The title makes it sound like Vista senses gcc
and gets nasty. I suspect gcc is simply not up-to-date.

Does the same source program compiled with gcc and then with MSVC++ have
the limit in both cases? I am guessing it does not. What libs are used?
Perhaps they are incorrect. malloc() and all are not really compiler
items. They are library functions like any other.

Interesting read, but I suspect Thomas would have done well to have
mentioned if he had contacted the gcc folk to see if it is a known

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