Kernel v. Released

Collins Richey crichey
Sun Mar 25 09:06:48 PDT 2007

On 3/25/07, Man-wai CHANG <mwchang at> wrote:
> > list.  I need Doug to stop sending these notices to the list (or I'll
> > have to ban System Admin from the list).
> > Doug -- turn it off, please.
> How about create a 3rd list: announce? Many products have an announce list.

How about we worry less bout such posts. Since I don't delve into the
kernel-related lists, I find it rather nice to know when a new kernel
has been released. It does make a rather refreshing <ONT> change from
those who bash the <OT> posts that have become the primary content of
the list these days.

Collins Richey
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