Dell Refunding Windows Costs?

Rick Bowers rwbowers
Mon Mar 26 07:00:22 PDT 2007

At 3/26/2007 07:14 AM, you wrote:
>| Dell Refunds Vista/Works With Two Emails                           |
>|   from the try-this-at-home dept.                                  |
>|   posted by kdawson on Sunday March 25, @16:59 (Windows)           |
>|        |
>[0]look at writes "Although many people have [1]asked for
>pre-installed Linux, and [2]Dell seems to have listened, some still think
>that [3]buying a naked PC won't be easy. But what about stripping it
>naked after you buy it? I managed to get Windows Vista (and a bit more)
>refunded from Dell Germany last week. The process was surprisingly
>simple: 1) After delivery, ask Dell Support for refund by email. 2) ???
>3) Refund!!! Read the full email conversation in the [4]original German
>or my [5]English translation. For the impatient reader: The refund is
>?????77.54 for Windows Vista Home Basic plus Works 8.0 (thaat is 15% of the
>total amount I paid). The whole process took 2 emails, 2 more to say
>thank you, and less than 48 hours. The money is already in my account.
>Kudos to Dell Customer Care (esp. 'Veronika') for being efficient and
>Discuss this story at:
>     0.
>     1.
>     2.
>     3.
>     4.
>     5.

... and as soon as her management found out about 
the refund, the poor woman lost her job ;-)

But, really, that is quite impressive. Did you get the support center in India?


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