Sorry to interrupt the list, but...

James McDonald james
Fri Mar 23 02:29:19 PDT 2007

Tim Wunder wrote:
> ssh in to do little upgrades? Heck, I tunnel my whole desktop over ssh using 
> FreeNX :)
> Couldn't test k3b becasue I wasn't local to the machine to put a blank CD in 
> the cd drive ;)
> Tim
Today I had a user with a corrupt pdf. Had to ssh to home open up the 
openvpn tunnel back to work. Start vncserver . VNC from work back to my 
workstation. Email myself the pdf at home open it in xpdf and save it as 
ps, use ps2pdf to convert it back to pdf and then send it back to work 
so the user could open it in acroread.

Sometime I wish I had a linux workstation at work...

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