/bin/sh calls tee which never exits

James McDonald james
Wed Mar 21 17:07:08 PDT 2007

I have an issue with a backup script on a Redhat EL3.1 box

Until recently it worked fine but now that a new command has been added 
in the form of:

program_to_execute "program args" 2>redirect_to_file &

I am having to kill the tee -a $LOG process called as shown in the tree 
below to let it complete

It seems that backgrounding the _progres program while it's stderr is 
redirected to a file (autosynch.QPS.err) is causes problems for tee.

Any ideas on what I should be doing to fault find this?

In the past without the startprocautofirm.qpstest script it all worked fine.

The night.sh script is called via cron.
        \_ start_all.sh | tee -a $LOG
            \_ start_test.sh
                \_ db_start.sh
                    \_ start_qpstest.sh
                                \_$DLC/bin/_progres \
                                            -rereadnolock -c 30 -d mdy 
-yy 1920 \
                                            -Bt 350 -D 100 -mmax 3000 
-nb 200 -s 128 \
                                            -noshvarfix -pf 
/usr/local/bin/TEST.pf \
                                            -b -p 
/u4/app/qad/eb2sp9/qps/scheduler/synch/autosynch.p \
                                            -param userid="QPS" 
2>autosynch.QPS.err &

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