<OT> Re: list moderator losing perspective?

Leon Goldstein metapsych
Tue Mar 20 10:06:00 PDT 2007

Tony Alfrey wrote:

>Leon Goldstein wrote:
>>Golly, I was just trying to elevate the cultural level of this thread, 
>>and you have to drag in government.
>>I think we need to get rid of consumer taxes and bring back the stamp 
>>act.  If people have to pay for a tax stamp on every piece of government 
>>paper work they fill out, and thereby pay directly for the government 
>>"services" they want, we can cut eliminate much of the need for consumer 
>That would be good.  When you needed to pay for the sewer that your city 
>installed, you could have a little coin box on the toilet to open the 
>lid and stick stamps all over the tank, and the box would use embedded 
>linux. <g>

I pay for water twice: when it comes in, and again when it goes out 
through the sewer.
That again is analogous to the "other OS"; you pay to use it, and you 
pay again not to use it by having to leap through flaming hoops, e.g. to 
access websites that only respond to "Internet Exploder", when using Linux.


I'm getting good at linucating my posts. :-)

Leon A. Goldstein

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