list moderator losing perspective?

Leon Goldstein metapsych
Fri Mar 16 10:20:30 PDT 2007

Ric Moore wrote:

>On Fri, 2007-03-16 at 11:25 -0500, Leon Goldstein wrote:
>>Tony: Linux natively provides access, i.e. read/write, to W*****s, but 
>>the reverse is not true.
>>On would think a mail list, especially one that has been around since 
>>Linux crawled out of a cave, would reflect the same openness as the OS 
>>that spawned it.
>>Perhaps this discussion should be resumed under the rubric:  
>>"Paradigmatic Dichotomy of Fenestral and Heterodox Operating Systems in 
>>Transient Social Ideological Mobility."
>Hot Damn Leon! For a guy from Nawth Carolanky, I'm impressed! I'm
>copying that one, you mind? Ric
Ric: I am an exiled Kalifornian; (UCLA class of 68, and 70) washed 
ashore here by the army.

Regarding "Paradigmatic Dichotomy..." knock yourself out.  As a former 
army staff puke and academic, I know that you get nowhere without a gift 
for BS and being able to paradigmatize a dichotomy or dichotomize a 
paradigm, respectively. 

As we say in academia: "Don't leave home without your dichotome." :-)

Leon A. Goldstein

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