list moderator losing perspective?

Leon Goldstein metapsych
Fri Mar 16 09:25:31 PDT 2007

Tony Alfrey wrote:

>I'm now getting bounces from the list for replies to the thread
>"Re: can't load windoze"
>in spite of the fact that it was clearly linux-relevant, since it 
>involved dual-booting of linux and windoze.
>The message I'm getting is:
>Your request to the Linux-users mailing list
>     Posting of your message titled "Re: can't load windoze"
>has been rejected by the list moderator.  The moderator gave the
>following reason for rejecting your request:
>"Your message was deemed inappropriate by the moderator.  This thread
>is off topic for this list."
>- - - - - - - - -
>The thread was essentially finished anyway.
>However, I see that a thread with the topic
>"Re: [OT] Interesting trip"
>which started off as a discussion about a trip to Chernobyl and has now 
>drifted to a discussion about recycled water seems to be acceptable with 
>the list moderator.
>So it strikes me that maybe the list moderator is more annoyed by the 
>fact that other list members seem to think that the windoze thread had 
>relevance in spite of the list moderator's grumpiness, and that the list 
>moderator has decided unilaterally and subjectively that one thread is 
>appropriate and another is not, in spite of the fact that the
>"Re: [OT] Interesting trip"
>thread had nothing to do with linux or even computers in general.
>Perhaps posting pictures of the list moderator's trip to Death Valley, 
>which I BTW enjoyed, also is inappropriate.
>Get a life, "list moderator".
Tony: Linux natively provides access, i.e. read/write, to W*****s, but 
the reverse is not true.
On would think a mail list, especially one that has been around since 
Linux crawled out of a cave, would reflect the same openness as the OS 
that spawned it.

Perhaps this discussion should be resumed under the rubric:  
"Paradigmatic Dichotomy of Fenestral and Heterodox Operating Systems in 
Transient Social Ideological Mobility."

Leon A. Goldstein

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