can't load windoze

Chong Yu Meng chongym
Wed Mar 14 19:11:08 PDT 2007

On Wed, 2007-03-14 at 08:03 -0700, Tony Alfrey wrote:
> >> 2.  New hardware:  Gigabyte MB, SATA drives, CD or DVD ROM/burner 
> >> plugged into IDE Secondary Master, temporary floppy for use with windoze 
> >> boot floppy

Hi Tony,

I'm pretty sure it is the SATA controller that is preventing you from
loading Win9x. When I was upgrading my hardware, I noticed that certain
motherboards carried a warning that Win9x would not load on them. My
guess is that it is because of the SATA controller, though others on
this list may have better information than me on this. 

pascal chong

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