Has Red Hat gone MS?

Michael Hipp Michael
Wed Mar 14 10:21:11 PDT 2007

Ouattara Oumar Aziz wrote:
> Net Llama! a ?crit :
>> On Wed, 14 Mar 2007, Michael Hipp wrote:
>>> What's the deal with limiting the number of VMs you can run? These arbitrary
>>> limitations are exactly the reason some of us are trying to get away from MS.
>>> What's next, selling us Device CALs?
>>> "Red Hat will permit up to four virtual machines to run atop RHEL 5 Server,
>>> but it's adding a new product called RHEL Advanced Platform that supports
>>> unlimited virtual machines and includes the company's Global File System
>>> software."
>>> http://news.zdnet.com/2100-3513_22-6166995.html
>> They're trying to protect their revenue stream which (used to) depend on 
>> the number of physical systems where the OS was installed.  Since you can 
>> now load up a bunch of VM's instead, it would hurt revenue.
> That was obvious that it would end up like that. And I believe that will
>  happen with most paying linux system. They'll end up using MS marketing
> strategy.

Yes. Marketing is one thing - no-one believes anything said by marketing 
anyway. But when their pricing model includes a question about whether I want 
to actually be able to use what I bought any way I want, then I'm pretty sure 
I walked into the wrong store. "You want tires and a steering wheel with that..."


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