Hans Reiser charged with murder

Ric Moore wayward4now
Tue Mar 13 14:45:21 PDT 2007

On Wed, 2007-03-14 at 00:39 +0800, Chong Yu Meng wrote:

> I thought it was one of the founding fathers of the US who said that he
> would rather a lot of guilty men go free than for one innocent man be
> convicted of a crime he did not commit? When I read American history
> many years ago (no, it was not a school subject, just one of the things
> that fascinated me), I was impressed by the commitment to reason and
> fair play. 

Our Founding Fathers, if alive today, would be sent to Gitmo,
water-boarded and made to fess up. According to our present political
perspectives they would have been judged as Terrorists and Anti-Social
Axis of Evil participants, just for starts. Criminals all, the entire
lot of them. Imagine. :) Ric
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