Fedora Core formalism

Jorge Almeida jalmeida
Sun Mar 11 15:39:16 PDT 2007

On Sun, 11 Mar 2007, Collins Richey wrote:

> Yep, while we're <OT> here. I'm not really fond of KDE or Gnome either
> - too much worthless ram-hogging clutter.  I use mostly XFCE4 these
> days, but I got really good mileage out of IceWM for a couple of
> years.
> KDE does have the advantage of being a little easier to customize than
> Gnome. The Gnome folks (IMO) have take the Red Hat approach - we know
> what you need and should have; anything else we'll make moderately
> difficult to do.
That's what I find repulsive about Gnome. Or, to use Linus' words: I
vote with my feet.
> I just love (NOT) the fact that you have to hunt for a terminal
> session in both the default KDE and Gnome.
I just press Ctrl-Shift-K to bring up a konsole window. How easier could
it get? I hardly use the menu at all. Of course, I set it up this way,
but then I'm yet to see a default setup that's totally to my liking (and
why should it be, after all?).

I had a look at Openbox and Xfce4, but none has a feature I find
important: the ability to use different backgrounds for different
virtual desktops.

Jorge Almeida

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