Got me stumped ...

Ben Duncan bns
Sun Mar 11 10:04:49 PDT 2007

Ok, after 3 days, I have this one solved.

It is a memory problem.

Original memory was configured as thus:
Bank 0 PC2700, Bank 1 PC3200, Bank 3 PC3200 giving 1.5GB.

The new memory configured was thus:
Bank 0 PC3200 1GB, Bank 1 PC3200, bank 3 PC3200 giving 2GB memory.

When setting the BIOS levels of the AMDXP 2600 to run as a 2000 AMDXP
and the FSB to 266, there was no failure.

The Failure was something in the last 1K of the 3rd memory module and
would ONLY appear if the area was stressed while running at FSB of 333
and ONLY after about 10 minutes.

Thank the LINUS for memtest86 that showed the failure.

I guess the bottom line, is if you have SOME really strange stuff going 
on, run a memory test overnight to see if anything fails.

Oh yeah, I am up a running NOW on this machine. Nice to have FireFox 
2.02 and Thunderbird and no MORE Nutscrape 7.1 !

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