CD Burning Why So Difficult?

Collins Richey crichey
Sat Mar 10 13:42:06 PST 2007

On 3/10/07, Leon Goldstein <metapsych at> wrote:

> I  think I mentioned Nero Linux here before.  I use it with an older
> distro (Libranet 2.8.1) whose KDE K3B does not support DVD burning.
> It works fine with my Plextor DVD burners, and I consider the circa $30
> I paid for the license a fair deal.

Good to know. I have no problem using paid software if it fills a gap.

BTW, in my experience, K3B still does not support DVD burning. I have
made several coasters with K3B (CDs as well as DVDs. One difference I
have noted for CDs : K3B uses DAO with burnfree enabled instead of the
default TAO with burnfree off I get by invoking cdrecord. Also, the
few DVDs I've burned with growisofs came out OK.

I'm hoping now that the fork has occurred, the developers who have
taken over cdrecord will have less ego and more dedication to making
things work.

Collins Richey
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