Fedora Core formalism

Tony Alfrey tonyalfrey
Sat Mar 10 19:20:14 PST 2007

Net Llama! wrote:
> On Sat, 10 Mar 2007, Tony Alfrey wrote:
>> OK, so I got my fancy new box set up so I can chain load FC on my second
>> drive from SuSE on my first drive.  I use LILO 'cause I don't know
>> nuthin' about GRUB.
> It might not hurt to learn about GRUB, seeing as how all the major distros 
> are now using GRUB.

Yes, I agree, but my short-term goal is to get the box running using the 
tools and skills I understand and test out the apps for which I 
specifically needed a faster box.  Then I'll have the luxury of studying 

>> I loaded up FC-6 on the second hard drive.  It constructs a root
>> partition and something called a VolGroup, rather than a swap partition
>> (which is what I would expect).  Who can enlighten me?
> The VolGroup is the LVM block o-data that FC uses by default in place of 
> the more traditional partitions.  Normally swap isn't included inside an 
> LVM volume.  Are you sure that you have a swap partition somewhere?

I misspoke. FC divided up the partition that I set aside for FC into a 
/boot directory and this big VolGroup thing that has the root directory 
and the swap partition within the VolGroup.

Now my next question is how do I mount this VolGroup thing so that I can 
access it from the outside world (from another partition)?  The 
traditional method for mounting an ext3 filesystem does not work, 
because there is more than just an ext3 filesystem in this VolGroup thing.

>> Also, the FC installer installed Gnome, and I don't remember being asked
>> to make a selection between Gnome and KDE.  How can I get it to install
>> KDE as the default?
> Installing KDE & making it the default or two completely separate tasks. 
> You can use yum to install whatever you want.  If you want to make KDE the 
> default for a specific user, then just select it when logging in, and 
> you'll get prompted to make it the default.  if you want KDE to be the 
> default for everyone, you can configure it in /etc/sysconfig/desktop

I reinstalled and found a custom install button somewhere and got KDE 
installed and default.

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