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On Thu, 08 Mar 2007 16:08:38 -0500
Matthew Carpenter <mcarpenter at intelguardians.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> Religious debate, I know, but I'm wondering what good C programming IDEs you 
> all are using.
> Here's the pickle.  I can write against my own code great.  However, I need 
> something I can plug in additional APIs and such into, and be able to program 
> against other people's code... more importantly, I need something that will 
> help me make sense of other people's code.
> I'm kinda looking for something that will assist in the completion of what I'm 
> typing, although that's not totally necessary.
> I'd like to use a Linux tool, but potentially be able to write Windows 
> programs on it.
> I suppose I might as well add that I want it to cook pancakes before I get up 
> and not burn them... since I'm doubting the last part is any more likely.
> I'm a former C programmer, but one who (>8yrs ago) wrote mostly my own code, 
> not leveraging many external APIs.  I then was sucked into Java, and got 
> spoiled by it, and doubly spoiled by Python.
> Any takers?  What should I do?  I'm thinking I might have to install Visual 
> Studio on Windows, as much as I'd hate to do it.
> Thx,
> Matt
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 Have you looked at scite, a free programmers editor( not an IDE ). Runs under 
MS and Uniz/Linux,

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