SATA detection

Tony Alfrey tonyalfrey
Thu Mar 8 20:31:13 PST 2007

Tony Alfrey wrote:
> Net Llama! wrote:
>> On Thu, 8 Mar 2007, Tony Alfrey wrote:
>>> OK, I'm trying to install blag linux, which has an installer that
>>> searches for drives.  It does not find my SATA drive controller.  But
>>> the bios sees the controller mounted on the PCI buss and announces the
>>> two drives I installed.  When I set the bios up on this Gigabyte
>>> motherboard to select boot order, it offers me a list of possible boot
>>> devices.  It does not offer a "plug-in controller" like the bios on my
>>> intel MB, but it does offer a SCSI option.  I assume that this must be
>>> the same as a plug-in controller.
>>> So I cannot tell if this is a problem with the installer not knowing to
>>> look for a SCSI controller or if this is a bios problem.
>> Is the SATA controller not being detected, or is the disk attached to 
>> it not being detected?

When I attempt to install the driver (I suppose this is a kernel module) 
that I see is a very common driver for use with the SIIG boards and 
chipsets, the installer asks me for "parameters".  What parameters might 
those be?  What are "parameters"?

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