Hard drive choice

Alma J Wetzker almaw
Thu Mar 8 12:59:59 PST 2007

Ric Moore wrote:
> On Wed, 2007-03-07 at 19:56 -0800, Tony Alfrey wrote:
>> Ric Moore wrote:
>>> On Wed, 2007-03-07 at 16:57 -0800, Tony Alfrey wrote:
>>>> Ric Moore wrote:
>>>>> On Wed, 2007-03-07 at 16:04 -0800, Tony Alfrey wrote:
>>>>>> Net Llama! wrote:
>>>>>>> On Wed, 7 Mar 2007, Tony Alfrey wrote:
>>>>>>>> Net Llama! wrote:
>>>>>>>>> On Wed, 7 Mar 2007, Tony Alfrey wrote:
>>>>>>>> <snip>
>>>>>>>>>> But I have lots of PCI slots on this MB so
>>>>>>>>>> can I get more controllers for more drives?  Don't laugh if it's a
>>>>>>>>>> stupid question; how am I supposed to know, eh?
>>>>>>>>> Yes, you could purchase additional PCI SATA controllers to attach more
>>>>>>>>> drives.  I'm puzzled as to why your mobo only has two SATA connectors.
>>>>>>>>> Every board I've seen in the past few years usually has 4 or more.  I've
>>>>>>>>> even seen a few with 16(!).
>>>>>>>> It doesn't have SATA connectors, it has IDE connectors.
>>>>>>>> But that's good news about the multiple SATA thing.
>>>>>>>> Oh, boy, oh, boy, I'm going to Fry's, I'm going to Fry's.
>>>>>>> You bought a new motherboard
>>>>>> not really
>>>>>>> that has no SCSI or SATA controllers?  I hope 
>>>>>>> this board was really really really cheap.
>>>>>> yes, it was really, really, really, really cheap.
>>>>> ... and the sun was over the yardarm. YoHo, Ric
>>>> You're just jealous 'cause you didn't score a free muthaboard.
>>> Yes, I did as a matter of fact! :P I'm royally pissed that I don't have
>>> my Unisys 5000/90 to play with anymore. Damn thing was too huge to move,
>>> it had three 800 lb cabinets that contained two harddrives and streaming
>>> tape drives. Blinky lights. <sigh> Big Iron. <sobs> Ric
>> That's 'cause I stole it, dumped it in the ocean, and used it as reef 
>> for attracting fish.
> Someone just shoot me. <points finger in middle of forehead and taps>
> Right there. <sobs uncontrollably> It was such a rush to see the tape
> whir and spinup doing all the nifty jerking seeks that reel-to-reel tape
> drives do, ala Saturday morning space operas. It had 4 68020's in it and
> several (4) megs of memory. Each of the 4 / 500 meg hard drives weighed
> several hundred pounds apiece.It originally saw duty in the Roanoke
> Federal Courthouse in Virginia. It ran the entire place. I bid on it and
> paid $301 for the behemoth. When I lowered the truck ramp to the house I
> was renting, to offload it, my landlady announced that she was selling
> the place. <chuckles> 
> Now it swims with the fishies. Fare thee well, old gal, fair thee well.
> <sniffs>  You know you cut a Brother, Tony. You could have told me that
> you set it free to roam and whirr it's tape drives in the sunset, where
> it would always be warm and dry, but never too hot. But, oh noooo...
> right into the glug glug deep six. One of our young rams is learning to
> head-butt real good. I'll introduce him to ya. <evil grins> Ric

You left out how the power company billing department would rejoice
every time you powered the things up.

     -- Alma

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