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Wed Mar 7 15:11:09 PST 2007

On Wed, 7 Mar 2007, Jorge Almeida wrote:
> On Wed, 7 Mar 2007, Net Llama! wrote:
>> On Wed, 7 Mar 2007, Jorge Almeida wrote:
>>> Anyone knows what package (or is it the kernel?) is responsable by the
>>> functioning of Ctrl-Alt-F* to switch between virtual consoles?
>>> I'm experimenting with LFS and I just noticed that I couldn't switch
>>> vt's. However, xorg is working (started by startx, no display manager yet).
>>> I just don't know where to start looking...
>> Basic console support is in the kernel.
> I noticed now that the vt switching is working before startx. Once in
> vt5, with the default wm, I can't switch back untill I kill X. If the
> xterm is selected, pressing Ctl-Alt-F1 writes 'P' in the xterm,
> Ctl-Alt-F2 writes 'Q', etc.
> My xorg.conf file is identical to the one I have working in Gentoo. The
> only difference I can think of is the (nvidia) driver: 1.0-9746 in LFS
> (the one with the problem) and 1.0.8776 in Gentoo. Could this be it?

No, there's nothing in the nvidia driver that would prevent VT switching 
like this.  This sounds like an X server config/build problem, as that's 
where support for catching the Ctrl-ALT-F# combo comes from.

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