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Wed Mar 7 12:33:41 PST 2007

On Wed, 7 Mar 2007, Tony Alfrey wrote:
> Tim Wunder wrote:
>> On Wednesday 07 March 2007 2:00:42 pm Tony Alfrey wrote:
>>> OK, my fancy new MB has arrived, a Gigabyte GA-7VT600.  Oooooohh!
>>> Now I need some drives.  My old drives were SCSI but the list has
>>> convinced me that trying to use my old SCSI drives and controller might
>>> be a waste of time, but I'd like to have some very reliable hard drives
>>> and maybe be able to use device names like my SCSI drives (sda, sdb,
>>> etc.) and be able to use several drives.  So are SATA drives what I
>>> should use?  I like Seagate drives because they have been reliable in
>>> the past and they have been very good about warranty replacements.
>>> Any suggestions so I can go down to Fry's and blow off half the afternoon?
>>> Thanks!
>> In January I bought 2 seagate 320 GB SATA 'ES' drives for my new system. As I
>> understand it, their 'ES' drives are supposed to be more durable, industrial
>> drives. I've only used them 2 months so far, so it's hard to say if they were
>> worth the extra $5 per... bought the for 99 USD each from Newegg.
>> HTH,
>> Tim
> That's great!  What SATA controller did you use?

Tim & I both have motherboards with NVIDIA's SATA controller.  His is 
MCP55 mine is NForce4.

Looks like you got stuck with VIA.  My condolences.

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