[ubuntu-marketing] Why should we teach students Linux??

Roger Oberholtzer roger
Wed Mar 7 08:11:21 PST 2007

On Wed, 2007-03-07 at 16:06 +1100, Melissa Draper wrote:
> Roel Bindels wrote:
> > Hello listers,
> >
> > I'm tutor on the Faculty ICT, department NID. This is a bachelor degree
> > and we are preparing our students to become something more then just
> > System Administrators (such as manager, consulting, etc....). Since this
> > department is part of the Microsoft camp, the students are educated
> > mostly in this direction, which I think is not a bad thing. A better
> > thing would be if we could give our students the opportunity to meat
> > both the systems on the same level, at least, that is my opinion.
> >
> > To change a curriculum of a study, I need a solid case. So if somebody
> > knows a link/document about why we should educate our students in the
> > Linux OS, please send it. Or article about the usage of Linux in company's.
> >
> > I hope you will all take some time to send me your best links/documents.
> >
> > with best regards
> >
> > Roel Bindels
> >   
> Roel,
> I recently interviewed Richard Weideman (who I am adding to the CC so he
> can comment directly) for an article about Edubuntu. One of the comments
> he made was:
>     "Kids who learn to use a computer from scratch are not afraid of
>     Linux or OpenOffice.org. They concentrate on the learning task at
>     hand, and they learn to use whatever the tool is put in front of
>     them. If some of those kids graduate to a work environment using
>     Linux or OpenOffice.org, they will have no problem. If the new work
>     environment uses Windows, they will adjust without any issues. Some
>     of them will even propose OpenOffice.org or Linux at work, and help
>     their new company to migrate and save money."

I fully agree. My daughter (now 13) only knows OpenOffice, Mozilla, and
(don't call social services) GIMP. She is happy in this.

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