CD Burning Why So Difficult?

Ken Moffat kmoffat
Wed Mar 7 03:48:11 PST 2007

James McDonald wrote:
> I have just had an hour of fun trying to burn an ISO to CD
> xfburn returned an error about the speed parameter being wrong
> Installed gcombust asked a heap of questions that didn't need answers 
> then balked when asked to do something back.
> Installed xcdroast has a heap of terms like Master Track, Fixate and 
> close and open session. What the? Then refused to burn cd.
> Finally installed k3b it autodetect my CDR's settings ask me if it was 
> alright and then gave me a pallet to Choose "Burn CD Image" and viola I 
> have a burnt Knoppix CD.

cdrecord [-eject ] [-v] [speed=2] [dev=/dev/hdc] your_image.iso

is a quick way on newer installs. Stuff between []'s optional, speed 2 
for safety against burn errors, hdc is machine specific and may not be 
needed at all, v is verbose, eject... obvious.

> Now I can use it to ntfsresize my W2k3srv box ... so I can put FC6 from 
> the latest Linux Format DVD on it. Yay!
Yay, indeed.

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