Why should we teach students Linux??

Michael Hipp Michael
Tue Mar 6 17:00:39 PST 2007

Roel Bindels wrote:
> To change a curriculum of a study, I need a solid case. So if somebody
> knows a link/document about why we should educate our students in the
> Linux OS, please send it. Or article about the usage of Linux in company's.
> I hope you will all take some time to send me your best links/documents.


This is not exactly what you asked for as it deals more with the "what" than 
"why" ...

How about a class project/lab to set up an LTSP (Linux Terminal Server 
Project[1]) system. It is being deployed in a lot of K-12 public schools with 
significant economic benefits.

Have the class do the design. Make component and software choices. Have them 
document the costs. Once it is up and running, have them compare it to 
"commercial" solutions. Challenge them to correctly identify the pros and cons.

Objective: teach them to consider alternatives, document decision criteria, 
write proposals and analyze results. Teach them to *think* as well as just 
*do*. Employees who can do the former as well as the latter are always more 
valuable and more sought-after.

Best regards,
Michael Hipp
Heber Springs, Arkansas USA
B.S.E.E., Univ. of Arkansas, 1983

[1] http://www.ltsp.org/

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