Getting SATA working

Michael Hipp Michael
Mon Mar 5 16:44:54 PST 2007

Bill Campbell wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 05, 2007, Michael Hipp wrote:
>> I'm trying to add SATA to one of my servers with a Syba card: 
>> The card should use the sata_sil module according to this: 
> I would try booting on a Knoppix live CD to see what it finds.

Good idea. Tomorrow...

> The command may help as well,

I don't seem to have any such animal. Is that a SUSE-ism or does it come in 
some particular package? This is a fairly plain install of Ubuntu-server.

> I make now claims at being a hardware guru.  I'm guessing that
> PATA is something like Parallel ATA, but haven't a clue the
> difference between that and normal IDE.

IDE stands for Integrated Drive Electronics which was quite an innovation at 
the time but is meaningless now as all drives have integrated controllers. But 
in the common tongue, IDE == PATA == EIDE == UATA.


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