Getting SATA working

Bill Campbell linux-sxs
Mon Mar 5 15:16:21 PST 2007

On Mon, Mar 05, 2007, Michael Hipp wrote:
>I'm trying to add SATA to one of my servers with a Syba card: 
>The card should use the sata_sil module according to this: 

I would try booting on a Knoppix live CD to see what it finds.

Some SATA drives are detected as high IDE /dev/hd[efgh], and
others as SCSI, /dev/sd[a-z], and it seems to depend on the main
board which scheme is used.

The command may help as well, and ``dmesg''
output may also be helpful.

I had to install a new hard drive in our server that handles
dialup uucp and HylaFAX as its main SCSI hard drive went Tango
Uniform, and I couldn't get grub happy after removing ancient
drives, leaving one fresh SCSI drive.  The drive I got from Frys
was described as PATA, connected to an IDE socket on the main
board, and appeared as /dev/hde during an autoyast install.

I make now claims at being a hardware guru.  I'm guessing that
PATA is something like Parallel ATA, but haven't a clue the
difference between that and normal IDE.

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