[No Troll Plz ] Re: the 'which distro' question

Alma J Wetzker almaw
Sat Mar 3 09:24:33 PST 2007

Ric Moore wrote:
> On Fri, 2007-03-02 at 09:19 -0600, C M Reinehr wrote:
>> 2) If you won't face the constant need to upgrade or reinstall that you would 
>> with Fedora Core.
> How so? When the upstream package provider releases a new version, and
> they'll have reasons for doing so,  everyone downstream would also
> update, unless the distro doesn't get to it immediately... I would see
> that as a drawback, not a plus. If one wishes to keep compiler and major
> kernel releases current, it may take a entire install to avoid a host of
> little naggling issues. So, I just backup the directories that have my
> custom stuff, then re-install which only takes a couple of hours, fire
> it up and restore. Piece O cake. Each time it's always been a major
> improvement. The guys at RH/FC are at the top of the game, have a ton of
> experience, and for that I trust them. I have not been failed yet. Ric

I am starting to see a disconnect between a user POV and a system admin
POV.  The user just wants things to work, dammit!  The sysadmin wants
everything to be up to date and tight as a drum.  Both viewpoints are
valid.  It depends on how you are intending to use your box.  My servers
are updated weekly, my main desktop is updated weakly.  Why should I
need to do things differently?

    -- Alma

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