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Rick Bowers rwbowers
Fri Mar 2 10:38:35 PST 2007

At 3/2/2007 11:47 AM, you wrote:
>On Fri, 2 Mar 2007, Vu Pham wrote:
> > On Fri, 2007-03-02 at 10:04 -0500, Rick Bowers wrote:
> >> I have a Dell D610 laptop. I've tried installing several different
> >> versions of linux (k/ubuntu, linspire, OpenSUSE, FC, etc).
> >> The distros install okay, but I can't get any of them to use my 
> wireless card.
> >> The card is recognized. I get asked all the right questions; use
> >> DHCP, What is the SSID? What is the WEP code? etc.
> >> But not a single release I've tried will connect using that
> >> interface. I've even tried another network "in the area" that does
> >> not have WEP enabled. No go.
> >> When I'm in the office, my wired connection works just fine. But I'm
> >> only there about one day a week.
> >>
> >> Any thoughts? Any way I can monitor what is happening or where 
> the failure is?
> >>
> >> The wireless card is a Dell wireless 1370 WLAN Mini-PCI card
>Scratch my last email on this topic, I missed that you were using a 1370
>card rather than the onboard wifi (why aren't you using that?).
> From what I've found by googling, there are no in-kernel drivers for that
>card, as it uses a broadcomm chipset.  As such, you need to use the
>ndiswrapper driver ( http://ndiswrapper.sf.net )

Even though it identifies itself as a "card", it is actually built-in.

I'll go do some more research. Thanks for the URL.

Once I get the driver, I don't even know what to do with it. I've got 
some learning to do.


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