the 'which distro' question

Tony Alfrey tonyalfrey
Fri Mar 2 09:42:42 PST 2007

Net Llama! wrote:
> On Fri, 2 Mar 2007, Tim Wunder wrote:
>> On Friday 02 March 2007 9:55:18 am Tony Alfrey wrote:
>>> Well, can you all comment on why I would need to do this frequent
>>> upgrading if what I manage to install the first time works well?
>>> Thanks!
>> Security updates, bug fixes, etc...
> Indeed, running a distro without updates is equivalent to running Windows 
> without updates.  You're going to be left wide open to a large number of 
> security problems (not to mention bugs) over time.

Is this true if I run behind a firewall?  I think we talked about this 
before:  I have an Apple Airport Extreme network that uses NAT and the 
impression I got was that was pretty secure.  And I don't run a server 
visible to the outside world.

Some distros (like SuSE) have major revisions followed by minor fixes. 
In the past, I have waited for SuSE to go to, like 9.2 before using it. 
  Is this the same scheme with Fedora?


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