the 'which distro' question

Leon Goldstein metapsych
Fri Mar 2 09:16:53 PST 2007

Tony Alfrey wrote:

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>Is it a problem for you that they use different package managing 
>systems?  Can you put rpm-based things on a Debian box?
Libranet installs RPM's after a trivial setup: mkdir /var/lib/rpm, then 
rpm --initdb.
It's probably the same for generic Debian once the RPM suport packages 
are installed.

Some apps, e.g. Applix 5.0 and StarOffice 8, expect to install in an RPM 
There are some workarounds, e.g. alien, but I have no major problems 
installing these with the normal installation scripts once RPM support 
is set up.

Leon A. Goldstein

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