the 'which distro' question

Chong Yu Meng chongym
Fri Mar 2 04:28:27 PST 2007

On Fri, 2007-03-02 at 03:28 -0800, Tony Alfrey wrote:
> So I'm getting a new box like everyone tells me to do and now I'm trying 
> to figure out what to put on it.  I'm an rpm kinda guy in that in the 
> past I've used rpm from a terminal to install most stuff because I don't 
> trust a lot of these installer things like YAST.  And most of my older 
> apps that I want to run on my new box are rpm things.  So it occurs to 
> me that things like kubuntu that are based on debian require debian 
> packages, not rpms?  And there seems to be a lot of grief of one sort or 
> another with SuSE 10.2, so am I left with something like Fedora?

Fedora is not that bad! I use it on my laptop, and for a time, even used
it on a server. The great thing about Fedora Core 6 is all the
eye-candy, like Beryl, which makes it look so much cooler than Windows
XP. The bad thing about it is that updates come hard and fast, and every
6 months or so, you will feel compelled to install (note: I did not say
upgrade because the upgrade process can be very painful) the next
version of Fedora. That can be a real deal-breaker if you need a distro
that will stay on your computer for longer than a year. You'll probably
need a good backup and restore strategy for data and applications, if
you want to use Fedora, so each release cycle is not so traumatic. 

Well, just my 2 cents...

pascal chong

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