Apache vhosts

David Bandel david.bandel
Thu Mar 1 15:23:18 PST 2007


I have several apache servers running vhosts just fine.  But one
server is giving me fits and I can't seem to find the difference, but
the vhosts just never get accessed.

Output from apache -S:

mx1:/etc/openadmin# apache -S
VirtualHost configuration:
wildcard NameVirtualHosts and _default_ servers:
_default_:*            www.americanschool.edu.pa (/etc/apache/httpd.conf:1050)
*:80                   is a NameVirtualHost
                       default server www.americanschool.edu.pa
                       port 80 namevhost www.americanschool.edu.pa
                       port 80 namevhost
openadmin.americanschool.edu.pa (/etc/openadmin/httpd-school.conf:8)
                       port 80 namevhost teacher.americanschool.edu.pa
                       port 80 namevhost padre.americanschool.edu.pa

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