TTY1 and pts/1, a little confused.

Bill Campbell linux-sxs
Thu Mar 1 12:44:08 PST 2007

On Thu, Mar 01, 2007, altendew wrote:
>Hey I have been reading a security book for linux and getting quite confused
>in the tty section.
>I access my server with a SSH client (Putty). When I login I type in the
>root at alpha [/etc]# tty

You're seeing pseudo ttys created by network connections such as ssh,
telnet, etc.  These aren't the same as the physical ttys, /dev/tty* which
relate directly to hardware devices including the console.

Services such as ssh are generally secured using their own configuration
files and/or tcp_wrappers via the /etc/hosts.allow file (and
/etc/hosts.deny if you like, but I find it much easier to have everything
in one file).

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